We are creative koalas.

We are reflecting our
interaction with nature.

About Koalas

koalapix, is ​​a creative creation that will give you digital solutions in your work. It makes inspirational production and developments from nature such as web design, media production and software.


What do we do?

We make stylish designs for the printing and publishing industry with our image that keeps up with today's standards and does not disturb traditions, we are making pages that look nice on every screen for the ever-growing web, practical automation software for your businesses that want speed and media productions for the image that will represent your brand. We are hugging ourselves like a koala.

Web Design

By adopting the multi-screen compatible design principle that comes with today's standard, we are preparing fast and powerful web designs that will remind you of every pixel that will introduce you to you all over the world.

Software Development

With the latest software technologies, we develop software that can handle your business with your web site, your fast, practical and decent software that can be taken under big loads.


We design corporate identity studies, banners, and many other inland designs that make your mark in a design industry that adds color tones and a different feeling to each line.

Media Production

We take you to the top of the production with commercials and viral shots, music, photos and albums that reflect you in the media sector from the most popular areas of the popular era.


Creative works, Happy customers

We are continuing to grow this part with the great pleasure of pleasing every customer we work with. There is only one form of communication between you and your brand.

What did our precious customers say?


    We really want to meet you.

    We want to work together for every solution we can offer you in every area we serve. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you have to drink a cup of coffee.

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